“Air Undies: Michael Jordan’s heavily used boxers sold for $2,784!”: The Bulls legend had 19 bidders ready to shell out big bucks for his drawers

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan’s heavily used grey and black undies sell for a whopping $2,784

A living legend, Michael Jordan is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players ever. MJ’s aura had fans from all over the globe throng to arenas to catch a glimpse of him. The Bulls superstars truly justified the term fandom.

The 6x NBA champion was everywhere, right from being on billboards to shooting commercials and feature films. Jordan was no doubt a once-in-a-lifetime athlete paving the way for future basketball superstars to become global sports personalities.

Jordan’s signature shoe with Nike is one of the most prized possession of any sneakerhead. However, lately the 10x scoring champions boxers have been making more headlines than his sneakers. As last month we had reported about his Airness’ undies getting auctioned. The prized possession officially has a buyer now.

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Reportedly the highly used undies have been sold for nearly $3,000. There is no denying that fans could go to any lengths for their idol.

Michael Jordan’s heavily worn undies sell for $2,784 at the Lelands auction.

Though it’s been almost two decades since Jordan retired, his legacy continues to remain etched in every basketball fan’s mind. The 10x scoring champion’s Bulls jersey and sneakers are every NBA fan’s treasure. Jordan’s net worth is a mammoth $1.6B.

MJ’s bodyguard at the time, John Michael Wozniak, had gained access to some of the 6x Finals MVPs personal closet, having spent a considerable time with him. Thus Wozniak wasted no time capitalizing on the treasure he had by auctioning the items.

Recently, the Air Undies had found a bidder sealing the deal for $2,784. Reportedly the drawers had as many as 19 bids for it, clearly demonstrating MJ mania. Wozniak also handed Lelands MJ’s suits, coats, dress shirts, and ties to be auctioned.

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It will be interesting how much people shell out for Jordan’s formal wear, considering they were willing to pay almost $3,000 for his used boxers. It’s clear everything MJ touches turns into gold.


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