Becky Lynch Moves to Raw, Paul Heyman Still Alive as Usos Stay on WWE SmackDown

WWE Raw: September 4th, 2021, marked Night 2 of WWE Draft 2021. Round 1 did not have major changes except Becky Lynch jumping brands, and kicking off the live show at Nashville.

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville announced the four picks of Round 1.

  • Becky Lynch moved to WWE Raw.
  • Bobby Lashley remains on WWE Raw.
  • The Usos remain on WWE SmackDown.
  • Sasha Banks remains on WWE SmackDown.

Becky Lynch to become Becky Two Belts again?

Coming to The Man’s move to the red brand, she kicked off the show by claiming that she is the first pick for Monday Night Raw. In fact, she announced that since it’s her show and she’s holding the SmackDown Women’s title, it was time to take on Charlotte Flair and become Becky Two Belts again.

Moreover, Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair have been announced for WWE Raw: September 4th, 2021. If Belair wins the match and becomes the new WWE Raw Women’s Champion, the rivalry between Lynch and Belair could continue on Raw for BOTH the titles.

And, this is the perfect opportunity for Belair to fulfill her goal of pinning all four Horsewomen of WWE. She’s two down, two to go. Charlotte Flair could be third!

On the other hand, if Lynch loses the SmackDown Women’s title to Sasha Banks at Crown Jewel 2021, Banks and Flair could feud for the same on SmackDown.

Of course, with the Women’s Champions switching brands, the swap of titles will need to be smooth. Expectedly, the swapping should begin from WWE Raw: September 4th, 2021.

Even if Belair doesn’t win the title, she’s definitely going to be in the feud for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship soon.

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The Usos remaining on WWE SmackDown was important

Currently, The Usos are the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Additionally, they are a part of Roman Reigns Bloodline. Hence, the company will not break apart The Bloodline anytime soon given the way it’s been taking on rivals, even The New Day recently.

Finally, The Usos remaining on SmackDown was extremely important for Paul Heyman. If not anything else, Roman Reigns would have definitely taken it personally if The Bloodline was split up.

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Paul Heyman definitely let out a sigh of relief after Sonya Deville picked The Usos for SmackDown!

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