“Big D” – Big E Gets Scandalized as Drew McIntyre Gives Himself a New Nickname

WWE star Big E is enjoying his first reign as champion. Ever since he cashed in his ‘Money in the Bank’ briefcase on Bobby Lashley, his career took a turn for the better.

On this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw, Drew McIntyre was singled out by Big E after their altercation last week. McIntyre expressed his admiration for Big E and stated that he deserved to be WWE Champion. McIntyre also said that he desired a crack at the crown.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode interrupted both of them at that point. WWE Champion and McIntyre defeated Ziggler and Roode in a tag team bout after a heated exchange on the microphone. After the match, E informed McIntyre that he had accepted his challenge for the championship match, which would take place at Crown Jewel.

Big E vs Drew McIntyre at WWE Crown Jewel

It all started when E cut a promo where he addressed the fact that Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are again drafted to a brand that he is not a part of.

The champ began to talk about his match and how it was the most physically grueling match of his career. However, he made sure the Almighty Bobby Lashley fell down to his knees. In this way, E came to show the world that he is the rightful WWE Champion.

However, before the champ could take a breather, his next challenger came down to declare himself. “This man is no joke. He’s a 2-time WWE Champion and a literal swordsman, Drew McIntyre,” says Big E. Without any further ado, Big E called out McIntyre to the ring.

Deserves to be Champion

‘The Sottish Warrior’ was waiting for a hero to step up and defeat Lashley, and Big E did just that. He declared that E deserved to be WWE Champion. But, McIntyre also extended a challenge to him for the title.

However, before E could answer, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode made their way to the ring. After a lot of back and forth from both sides, Big E declared that he would face Dirty Dogs – Ziggler and Roode. As soon as the champ stated that the Dirty Dogs will face him, McIntyre instantly added his name on the team as “Big D”.

The crowd went absolutely nuts. Even WWE Champion himself had a priceless reaction.

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