‘Devastated’ Lando Norris bares emotions on brutal Formula 1 loss at Russian Grand Prix

Lando Norris Formula 1 F1 Russian Grand Prix

The win was just a couple of laps away for Lando Norris at the Russian Grand Prix. The McLaren driver was poised for his maiden Formula 1 victory, up until disaster struck in the final three laps.

Norris’ McLaren skidded off the track on the 51st lap, with the wet conditions ultimately robbing him of his Formula 1 moment. That spotlight instead went to Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes driver was breathing down Norris’ neck and took full advantage of the mishap.

The 21-year-old was in dire straits after the race. Norris was noticeably fighting off his tears as the emotions were running high after such a late lap letdown. Despite that, the young F1 driver was able to speak out on his thoughts amid the brutal defeat.

Via veteran F1 reporter Byron Young:

“I don’t know where to start. Obviously unhappy, devastated in a way. Made a call to stay out and it was the wrong call at the end of the day. I felt capable of doing it [winning] and felt capable for a while. Just heart break…”

Lando Norris has shown he has all the skills to be a terrific Formula 1 driver for years to come. He already has a few podiums under his name, with many more to come. This defeat for the McLaren driver will just make the first one that much sweeter.


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