Haters of Lamar Jackson are absolutely ‘barbaric,’ says Ravens wide receiver

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Star quarterback Lamar Jackson has led the Baltimore Ravens to a 3-1 record in the first four weeks of the NFL season. His latest masterpiece came on Sunday in their 23-7 destruction of the Denver Broncos. Jackson threw for 316 yards to register the second-highest in his career.

Still, the criticisms have been aplenty against the former MVP. Apparently, finishing with only one touchdown against the Broncos was more than enough reason for haters to throw him vitriol. Jackson’s teammates, however, have his back, particularly wide receiver James Proche.

After their win over the Broncos, Proche took a hilarious swipe at Jackson’s critics (via Ravens).

“I can’t believe people said he couldn’t throw. That’s crazy. Like, barbaric.”

Proche, who recorded his best game for the Ravens in his two seasons with the team with five catches and 74 yards, also offered a rather clever analogy for all the hate on Jackson.

“That’s like saying water is dry.”

Indeed, it feels strange to hurl negative comments on a player as great as Jackson. It’s safe to assume that the Ravens would be nowhere without the 24-year-old QB. His highlight touchdown runs have been a staple for the Ravens, displaying his combination of speed, strength, and agility.

Jackson, Proche, and the Ravens could prove doubters wrong anew when they take on the Indianapolis Colts on Monday.

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