Here Is Why Disguised Toast Abandoned Twitch

There is no denying that there is an extensive streaming platform war going between Twitch and its contenders. Streamers are leaving and migrating left, right and center. There are streamers who are signing contracts with other streaming giants like YouTube Gaming. And it appears that the once juggernaut streaming platform Twitch is having trouble gaining an upper hand against its adversaries.

Streamer Disguised Toast has abandoned the platform and has streamed exclusively for Facebook Gaming since 2019. He went on to explain why he has left the platform.

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Disguised Toast’s departure from Twitch

Disguised Toast revealed that Twitch, as a streaming platform, offered its content creators the least amount of revenue. The streamer said that the pay YouTube and Facebook Gaming offer is more than double and triple the amount Twitch offers.

Toast claimed that he was quite unfortunate with regard to his dealings with the service. He said that he was given an offer from Twitch back in 2019. The offer given by Twitch was 30 times less than what the alternatives offered. Adding salt to the wound, the amount Twitch offered was already less than the money he received streaming with Twitch.

YouTube Gaming has made quantum leaps with regard to attracting streamers. The company has signed deals with a lot of big streamers who were previously associated with the platform. The organization is also actively working alongside streamers to make the platform similar to its main rival in terms of features.

With YouTube Gaming getting larger and attracting a more steady viewership, Disguised Toast has a variety of options to move his whole operation to. However, with Toast’s contract with Facebook Gaming winding up, it is currently unknown where the streamer will move.

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