LeBron James might have insulted Carmelo Anthony in praise of Anthony Davis

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It’s clear that it’s all systems go for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are they are set to open training camp in the next few days.

The Lakers are hellbent on returning to the NBA Finals after a mediocre stint last season, largely due to a string of injuries to LeBron and Anthony Davis. But both are returning with a clean bill of health and The King already issued a warning to the rest of the NBA about an angry version of AD.

But LBJ wasn’t done in hyping up Davis. Unfortunately, in doing so, LeBron might have accidentally insulted his new teammate and good buddy Carmelo Anthony (via Spectrum SportsNet).

“A lot of people go through the summer and they like to post their workouts, post their training, and post everything that they’re doing. If there was one guy that you did not see this summer until he got married last week, it was Anthony Davis. But I knew everything that he was doing, putting in the work both in the weight room and also on the court.”

Sounds harmless, right? Until the fact hits you that Anthony usually posts his offseason workouts (Hoodie Melo, anyone?) on his social media accounts. The latest Lakers addition likes to put in the work as much as he wants people to know that he’s putting in the work.

LeBron James might have accidentally dissed other NBA superstars too, like Damian Lillard, Ben Simmons, and Jayson Tatum who regularly post their offseason training videos. So perhaps he has some explaining to do.

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