LeBron James reveals what Pacers fans said to get ejected

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Amid a slew of outrageously challenging clutch buckets (and stellar defense) as he led the Los Angeles Lakers to an overtime win over the Indiana Pacers, LeBron James had a couple Pacers fans removed from their seats with 2:29 remaining in overtime.

James ran down the court, directly up to a group of young folks sitting near the scorer’s table. He called the official over and told him directly what he had heard, and the official promptly booted a young man and woman from their seats.

‘This one right f—king here!” LeBron James said, pointing out the unruly spectators.

On their way out, the female Pacers fan was could be seen on the broadcast with a sarcastic pout on her face, rubbing away fake tears.

On the Lakers telecast, it was unclear precisely what was said. LeBron refused to get too specific when asked postgame about the interaction. In his opinion, though, the fan clearly crossed a line.

“There’s a difference between cheering on your home faithful…and then there’s moments where it goes outside the lines,” he said. “When obscene gestures and language come into it — can’t be tolerated.”

Russell Westbrook, who was standing a few steps away when the incident went down, was not particularly helpful when asked to provide details.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, man,” he said.

Moments after, LeBron James drilled a ridiculous three, broke out The Silencer celebration for the first time since joining the Lakers, and hit a beautifully difficult fadeaway to ice the game.

Obviously, this is not the first time LeBron has had an interaction with a fan. Last January, LeBron memorably bickered with a “Courtside Karen” at an Atlanta Hawks game (here’s her deal, in case you forgot).

And of course, who could forget, “Just suck it up LeBron!”

Moral of the story: If you sit courtside at a Lakers game, do not cross the line when heckling LeBron James (or anybody, for that matter). You will be tossed, and you will look silly.

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