Michael Jordan’s savage comment after owning Kings rookie Walt Williams

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Former Sacramento Kings scoring forward Walt Williams recounted how Michael Jordan welcomed him to the NBA with a savage trash talk.

Some may have not heard of it, but apart from being arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan was also one of the baddest trash-talkers during his time.

There have been many accounts of Jordan insulting his opponents during games and among the latest stories told was that of former Kings forward Walt Williams.

According to Williams, it was the last pre-season game of the Kings during his rookie season and the team was playing Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

The Kings ran a simple pick-and-roll play where Mitch Richmond was supposed to take a long jumper but when Williams got the ball in his hands, he decided to do the unthinkable.

“But when I want off the pick, I just kinda’ looked and I said ‘Oh man, I got an [isolation] right here against [Michael] Jordan.’ If I score on him, I can call my boys and let them know I scored on Jordan,” Williams told Basketball Network. “So I waved Mitch [Richmond] off, broke the play, and tried to do my ISO. I came right at Jordan with my patented crossover, right to left crossover.”

However, Williams failed to cross MJ up. Instead, the Bulls star got the steal and ended up finishing a dunk off transition.

Heading back to the Kings’ side of the court, Jordan gave Williams an unforgettable piece of advice.

“Jordan stole that thing, went down, and did his emblem dunk,” he recalled. “When he ran back down, he tapped me on the butt and said ‘we watch film up here, baby. I knew you was gonna do that fake-a– crossover’.”

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