Sports Media World Reacts To FOX’s NFL Change

FOX makes a change for the Sunday games.

FOX made a noticeable change to their scoreboard graphic for the late-afternoon games on Sunday afternoon.

As pointed out by longtime media guru Timothy Burke, FOX appeared to lower its scoreboard graphic for the 4 p.m. E.T. games.

Burke believes FOX did this to combat the Red Zone channel. The lower scoreboard wasn’t viewable in the Red Zone channel setup.

“So Fox did indeed move its score box down 40 pixels for the late games, presumably to discourage viewing on NFL RedZone. I’m surprised it took this long for the networks to take some kind of action to protect their doubleheader national games,” he tweeted.

Sports fans have taken to social media to react to the news.

“Do the networks realize Red Zone is owned by the league? If I’m NFL, I’m putting it out there for the networks to knock this off,” one fan tweeted.

“The RedZone scoreline blocking the down & distance/game clock on Fox broadcasts is not ideal,” another fan added.

“Wow they moved it down for the late games! It’s been really annoying, but if this was intentional to spite Red Zone you kinda have to respect the move,” another fan added.

“How many people did Fox think they could get to switch by sabotaging red zone like this? Why stick your finger in the eye of the NFL here? I’d love to know the behind the scenes thought process of doing this and what they hoped to achieve. Seems absolutely insane to me,” Ben Koo tweeted.

How do you feel about FOX’s change – fair or not?

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