Tim Paine sexting scandal: Former Tasmania cricket employee demanded $40,000 to cover up costs in 2018

Tim Paine sexting scandal: Former Tasmania cricket staffer demanded $40,000 and an apology from Cricket Australia in 2018.

The cricketing career of Tim Paine has been in threat after the expose of his sexting scandal. Tim Paine stepped down as the captain of Australia just before the Ashes 2021. A chat has been made public, where Paine was caught sexting with a former Tasmania cricket employee in 2017. Paine is available to play in Ashes 2021, but some of the former Aussie players want him to be out of the team.

Richard Freudenstein, the current CA chairman has revealed that they would not have allowed Paine to stay as captain if they knew all the details. However, David Peever, former CA chairman believes that it is impossible that the current staff didn’t know about it.

“Cricket Australia’s decision seems knee-jerk and unfortunately shows double standards. The issue has been doing the rounds in cricket circles for some years now,” Peever told The Daily Telegraph.

“The current chairman has been on the board for two years and it is implausible he didn’t know about it.”

Tim Paine sexting scandal: Former Tasmania cricket employee demanded $40,000

It is now being reported that the staffer who was engaged in the incident with Paine had her demands. She asked CA for an apology and $40,000 to cover up the legal costs.

The intermediary between the staffer and Cricket Australia, Sean Mulcahy has revealed that the woman wanted everything to remain private.

“I advised that her only remaining course of action through me was to take the matter to the media,” Mulcahy said.

“I told her that given the impending Ashes series, the severe fallout from the South Africa incident and subsequent sacking of then captain Steve Smith, that she could possibly command a large fee for her story. Her ultimate decision was to let the matter go and move on.”

“It was always my understanding that she never wanted this matter to become public. She turned down the possibility of a big payday to tell the story, yet she chose to stay quiet. I don’t believe she is the source of this story now being made public.”

After the sacking, the test captain of Australia is not revealed yet. Pat Cummins is the front-runner, whereas Steve Smith is also in the race. Even the place of Tim Paine is under scrutiny. Shane Warne wants Josh Inglis to play the wicket-keeper role in the Ashes 2021.

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