Tyron Woodley reveals surprising ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo

Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul have been in the news for a while now. Woodley has been campaigning for a rematch for weeks and it now appears he’s taken a major step in making it happen.

Jake Paul had said many times that in order for him to even entertain the idea of a rematch, Tyron Woodley would have to make good on their ‘tattoo bet.’ Now there appears to be no excuse, Woodley has a new tattoo and Jake Paul is, literally, under his skin.

The tattoo is on Tyron Woodley’s middle finger on his left hand. The placement is an interesting one as it fits the criteria for what Paul wanted but is also not visible unless you look at the inside of Woodley’s hand.


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Many have noted that the tattoo will eventually fade on its own as the inside of the hand tends to fade easily. This makes the ink even more clever as Tyron Woodley won’t have to worry about it for too long.

Social media had lots of theories on whether it was real or simply a pen. Some noted the redness while others felt it was too shiny.

No matter the theory, Tyron Woodley had an answer. He posted a video to prove that he really did get the words inked onto him.

He got in an argument with former UFC fighter Dan Hardy over the authenticity of the tattoo. The pair went back and forth for a few exchanges with the insults getting personal.

It appears the tattoo truly is authentic. Let’s see if the rematch happens.

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