Valorant Episode 4 Act 1: Leaks suggest a new Initiator Agent named Sprinter under development.

Sprinter, Valorant Agent, is seen on leaks recently. With Episode 4 Act 1 set to release in January 2022, a new initiator agent is on the horizon.

There have been several leaks over the past year about the state of Valorant future. Numerous agents and events have been hyped up in this fashion.

Recently, a renowned Valorant info leaker released details on the next possible update. Rumours are strong that, a new Valorant Agent is in the works.

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The prevalent idea among players is that the next agent is an Initiator. But, with the release of KAY/O recently, odds are against the Initiator class.

Undermentioned is everything you need to know on the current status of the leaks and Agent 18, Sprinter.

Is Sprinter, Valorant Agent 18, coming on Episode 4 Act 1?

Valorant has started this trend where a major patch also brings in a new agent. The trend is followed since the launch of Agent 12, Raze.

But, with the current popularity reaching new heights for Valorant, this is “make it or break it” time. With the introduction of Valorant Protocol to the mix, we expect heavy changes.

With the current status of leaks, it is difficult to put a bead on Agent class. However, the player base expects an Initiator agent.

Chamber and Patch 3.10 are quite a move forward. Sun Tzu would acknowledge Riot’s take on “Offense is the Best Defense”.

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How solid is the information from the leaks on Sprinter?

A Youtube teaser for Sprinter has formerly been released through a player card named “ Live Wire.” It is gathered from the card that the forthcoming agent will be supporting electricity.

The character card depicts electric arcing. It also hints at the Magepunk pack card showing an original release. It also hints at Magepunk 2.0.

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Our take on Sprinter’s connection to Valorant

The card above reveals the quantum 8 traced within the middle of the cardboard. Done using the electricity, it points towards the agent number.

This incident traces back to the onset of Valorant release. Then, the sanctioned agent list still has the 8th agent place missing.

While this missing agent scene was delved, Riot instantly replied. They said he is going to be “ back as soon as he returns”. Therefore, inferring he is absent from the Riot metaverse for now.

Thus, we eagerly await the next Sprinter Valorant leaks.

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