‘We’ve Been Playing Bad’ – Michael Jordan Sheds Light on Team USA’s Recent Ryder Cup History

Everyone who knows about Michael Jordan is aware that the NBA legend loves golf. The same goes for Golden State Warriors icon Stephen Curry, who is always taking part in various golf initiatives. As the Ryder Cup carries on at Whistling Straits, Curry got a chance to interview Jordan. The six-time NBA champion had his own opinion about the Ryder Cup situation and expressed if he feels the Americans will win this season.

Let’s take a look at what Jordan had to say about team USA and the team’s recent history.

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What does Michael Jordan have to say about the Ryder Cup history?

While talking to Curry, Jordan shared that he hates losing. He went on to elaborate, adding that he does in the end respect losing. “Losing’s a part of winning, you know? You never just win, you gotta lose to win”.

He connected the same to the Ryder Cup situation, convinced that it depends on how bad they (the Americans) want it. “We were dominant early on, and now that they are – does it mean as much to us as it does to them? And if that’s the case then losing is gonna hurt”.

Jordan added that one needs to have a sense of pride with them, and it’s not about the money you win or anything else. “It’s more about pride and whoever’s playing the best is gonna win. I hate that we’ve been playing bad, that they’ve won but I gotta good feeling this year”.

Jordan has been spotted cheering at the Whistling Straits, understandably excited about the Ryder Cup.

Curry, on the other hand, was excited to interview Jordan. He even shared photos on Instagram, letting fans know what a privilege it was to talk with the retired NBA icon.

Team USA wins Ryder Cup 2020 on home soil

The Ryder Cup 2020 began on an extremely positive note for the U.S. and Steve Stricker and his men were able to uphold the momentum right from the start. Everybody on the 12-member team gave it their all, and the fans played a major part in ensuring their spirits stayed up. In the end, the Americans never lost control and successfully defeated Team Europe to win Ryder Cup 2020 on home soil.

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