Zach LaVine’s Draymond Green comments will hype up Warriors fans

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The Golden State Warriors are lucky to have Draymond Green in the fold, just ask Chicago Bulls superstar Zach LaVine who played with him in Team USA.

During the Bulls’ Media Day, LaVine reflected on his time playing with Green on Team USA during the Tokyo Olympics last summer. The Bulls guard didn’t hold back in his praise of the Warriors forward, saying he is the “best teammate ever.”

“Draymond is probably the best leader or teammate you could have,” LaVine told NBC Sports. “He’s out there each and every day watching film with guys, looking at different defensive scouts, bringing guys together. Obviously we know (Kevin Durant) was the best player on the planet at this time in the game, but Draymond was very, very crucial in us winning that gold medal.

“We all bonded and I learned stuff from his as well.”

The Warriors have known this for long. While Draymond Green’s numbers don’t pop out like the other All-Stars in the NBA, his impact cannot be measured by stats alone. He is a natural-born leader who will push his teammates to do better.

Of course there is also his defense and the intensity he brings that are infectious, keeping the Warriors competitive every time he’s on the floor.

While his offense leaves much to be desired, there is no doubt Green was a crucial part of the Warriors’ three championships from 2015 to 2019. And as Zach LaVine said, he is the best teammate any player could ask for.

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